Title: Breaking Barriers: The Rise of a New Generation of Advanced Robotics



The growing importance of software-driven automation combined with the growing impact of artificial intelligence is driving the creation of advanced robotic ecosystems that can meet the vast variety of automation needs in different markets and for different applications.
As more and more industries look to automate intricate and highly variable processes, they are often challenged by the growing shortage of expert workers and a widening automation skills gap.
Comau’s Nicole Clement, Chief Business Unit Leader for Advanced Automation Solutions, joins Torsten Kroeger, Chief Science Officer of Intrinsic, to explore disruptive innovation in the field of advanced robotics. Starting with the upcoming trend of industrial robotics , the discussion will address approaches to complex automation challenges that until now were not feasible with traditional robotics. Even more importantly, these solutions are being built with scalability, cost-efficiency, and user-friendliness  in mind to help ensure accessibility and ease of implementation for companies of all sizes, without the need to employ skilled automation engineers.


Torsten Kröger is Chief Science Officer at Intrinsic.
He is the founder and former CEO of Reflexxes GmbH, a startup working on research and development of real-time motion generation software. In 2014, Reflexxes was acquired by Google, where Torsten became the Head of a Robotics Software Division. This included coordinating robotics and machine learning research activities between DeepMind, Google Research, Boston Dynamics, and Google X.
He is also a Co-founder and former CEO of Loom Vision GmbH. Loom Vision’s focus was on software and certification of machine learning and robotics software. In 2018, the team of Loom Vision GmbH joined X.
From 2017 to 2022, Torsten was a Professor of Computer Science at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).
Torsten has been working as a research consultant for Volkswagen AG, KUKA Roboter GmbH, Connyun GmbH, Manz Automation AG, Auris Surgical Robotics, Inc., Redwood Robotics, Inc., and Google, Inc..
Torsten is an editor or an associate editor of multiple IEEE conference proceedings, books, and book series, and the Multimedia Editor of the Springer Handbook of Robotics.
Among other awards, Torsten received the 2022 IEEE RAS George Saridis Leadership Award, the 2018 IEEE RAS Distinguished Service Award, and the 2014 IEEE RAS Early Career Award. He is a member of the 2023 IEEE Fellow class.