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The association was born in 2004 according to the wishes of the Autism Centre of the Rimini AUSL (Local Health Authority) with the intention of welcoming the families of people with autism and safeguarding their rights. It promotes projects with the aim of raising society’s awareness about autism and creating better conditions for autistic people and their families.
The association is open to everyone, without limits of origin, age or therapeutic choices; it holds up projects for children, teenagers and young adults in order to support them through the sharing of experiences that could help autistic people overcoming their difficulties and improving their lives.

The objectives

Since its establishment, the association has maintained a synergic dialogue with the local health system, it has organised meetings and trainings on the theme of autism, and it has been invited to share its experiences at many national and international conferences.
At the same time Rimini Autism has continuously provided support to families, facilitating the relationships with various institutions and with schools in particular, to guarantee the respect of the rights of students with autism and give them the correct support in their growing.

The support given to families is also in helping them to better understand and acknowledge the great value that their relatives with autism have by listening to their needs and trying to fulfil their expectations and wishes through quality services and activities.



All the projects aim to make the lives of people with autism and of their families as peaceful as possible by promoting the integration with their peers in a climate of respect of any differences, by organising groups of work, trainings and outdoor activities to better improve the autonomy of autistic guys.
Basic to every project is the support of specialised educators that follow them in every needs and situations.
Many projects have been created together with the institutions and have responded to the needs of an ever-increasing number of children, young people and adults with autism.
A special project has been realized in collaboration with local private companies to organize training internships for autistic guys and give them a unique opportunity to practice and directly enter the labour market.

The Association organizes meetings and trainings on the topic of autism and was invited to bring its experience both nationally and internationally.
In 2014 Rimini Autism was invited to the Senate to discuss the draft law on Autism and in 2016 the Association presented the “Autism Friendly Beach” project in Brussels to the European Commission, winner of a European tender which proposed and implemented a new hospitality model for people with autism and their families that has been exported to Spain, Croatia and Cornwall.
Among the awards obtained, in 2021 it has received the prestigious Sigismondo D’Oro awarded by the Municipality of Rimini.
The association never stops and will continue the work started aiming to support, promote and value the lives of people with autism and their families.



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