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11th Hybrid Production Systems

16:40 – 16:44   
Process orchestration and product traceability for Human-Robot collaborative remanufacturing
Angelos Christos Bavelos, Christos Gkournelos, George Michalos, Sotiris Makris

16:44 – 16:48   
AI-Powered Human-Centred Robot Interactions Challenges in Human-Robot Collaboration Across Diverse Industrial Scenarios
Francisco Fraile, Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi

16:48 – 16:52   
Towards enabling intuitive interaction and control of mobile robots utilising Augmented Reality techniques
Dimosthenis Dimosthenopoulos, George Mountzouridis, George Michalos, Sotiris Makris

16:52 – 16:56  
An AI-based decision making framework with task planning & dynamic reconfiguration capabilities
Apostolis Papavasileiou, Sotiris Aivaliotis, Christos Glykos, Spyros Koukas and Sotiris Makris

16:56 – 17:00   
Symbiotic Human-Robot Collaboration The FELICE Approach in Smart Assembly Lines
Dimitrios Kalogeras, Maria Pateraki, Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, Bartlomiej Stanczyk

17:00 – 17:04 
Preliminary Evaluation of an Embedded FBG-Based Force Sensor for In-Hand Grasp Monitoring
Jawad Masood, Abel F. Alonso, Joaqìn A. Muruzabal, and Tania G. Gonzalez

17:04 – 17:08    
Robotic grasping decision making assisted by AI and simulation
Jon Ander Ruiz, Ander Iriondo, Andoni Rivera, Ander Ansuategi and Inaki Maurtua

17:08 – 17:12  
An approach of automated assembly evaluation using AI – based computer vision methods for Human–Robot Collaboration
Konstantinos Katsampiris-Salgado, Nikos Dimitropoulos, Alexandros Kanakis, George Michalos, Sotiris Makris

17:12 – 17:16   
Integrating cyber-physical systems in non-rigid assemblies: a composites manufacturing case study
Dionisis Andronas, Konstantinos Kavvathas, Nikolaos Theodoropoulos, Emmanouil Kampourakis, Panagiotis Stylianos Kotsaris, Sotiris Makris

17:16 – 18:00   
Interactive Poster Session