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2nd WS on I&M Robots: back to the future with AI…through lost history

16:30 – 16:34   
Swarm Robotics and Archaeology: A Concepts Paper
Tuna Kalaycı, Ali Emre Turgut, Scott Branting, Uluç Saranlı and Mine Cüneyitoğlu

16:34 – 16:38 
A multilevel approach to monitor the Archaeological Park of Pompei
Gabriel Zuchtriegel, Alessandra Zambrano, Vincenzo Calvanese

16:38 – 16:42  
Force-Balanced 2 degree of freedom robot manipulator based on four bar linkages
Yash Vyas, Marco Tognon, and Silvio Cocuzza

16:42 – 16:46
Understanding the Antiquities Market through an AI-driven approach
Riccardo Giovanelli and Arianna Traviglia

16:46 – 16:50  
Precision Robotics for Artifact Scanning Leveraging a DeLaN
Marcel Lahoud, Riccardo Giovanelli, Arianna Traviglia and Gabriele Marchello

16:50 – 16:54  
Robotics in Archaeology: Navigating Challenges and Charting Future Courses
Arianna Traviglia and Riccardo Giovanelli

16:54 – 16:58  
Robotic Infrastructures for Infrastructures Robotic Inspections
Mariapaola D’Imperio, Gabriele Marchello, Ferdinando Cannella

16:58 – 17:50   
Interactive Poster Session