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Advancements in High Performance Humanoid&Legged Robot Functionalities

Track: Agile Production

Date and Time: 14 Mar 2023 14:30-15:50

Organiser: Francesco Ferro

Main questions to be answered: What role does European technology play in this landscape, and how can we safeguard and harness European sovereignty in this sector for the future?

Additional questions: In what ways can advancements in mechatronics and cognitive abilities be leveraged to unlock new functionalities in humanoid and legged robots, and what impact could this have on various industries and applications?

Additional questions 2: Considering the current state of humanoid and legged robots, what are the most promising avenues for further development, and how can interdisciplinary collaboration drive innovation in this field?

Workshop Description: Decades of research in humanoid robotics created many advances in mechatronics and cognitive abilities of such robots, but their development has remained mostly at the level of prototypes. However, recent mechatronics concepts based on parallel actuation have led to the emergence of new humanoid robots on the market. Nowadays, humanoid bipedal systems are becoming a new sector of the robotics industry that is intended to grow consistently, having the potential to transform our society. Soon, humanoid robots will fit naturally into our lives to help in expanding human potential, substituting humans in risky environments, and relieving them from heavy work. This WS aims to discuss the latest developments in humanoid and legged robots, including how we can push the boundaries further. The WS will gather all speakers together in a roundtable session with dynamic discussion with the audience.

Intended Outcome: Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications

Approach: 80 minutes Discussion panel – 50 min Dynamic section with the attendess – 30 min

Contributors: Francesco Ferro – CEO Pal Robotics – Speaker & Organiser – Confirmed Enrico Mingo – INRIA – Speaker – Confirmed Christian Ott – TU Wien – Speaker – Confirmed Luca Marchionni – CTO PAL Robotics – Speaker – Confirmed Fabio Puglia – Oversonic – Speaker – Confirmed Aleš Ude – Jozef Stefan Institute – Speaker – Invited