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Aerial robots: Towards Highly Autonomous Drones

Track: Specific operating environments

Date and Time: 14 Mar 2023 14:30-15:50

Organisers: Antidio Viguria, Anibal Ollero, Jose Ramiro Martinez de Dios

Main questions to be answered: Which are the main technical challenges that can unblock the increment in the use of highly autonomous aerial robots?

Additional questions: What is preventing to already have more autonomous aerial robots in real applications?

Additional questions 2: What are the use cases where you can foresee a highest impact of highly autonomous aerial robots?

Workshop Description: Recent drone market studies highlight that autonomous drones/aerial robots are fundamental for business cases with large potential impact (such as logistics, inspection, etc.). For all these applications, autonomy is a relevant technology, not only from the business case point of view, but also to increase the safety level of the operations. Then, this workshop will be focused on how aerial robotics technologies can support the development of highly autonomous drones or UAS. For that reason, we count with four highly experience speakers that will explain their experience with autonomous drones or UAS. Also, the workshop will include interaction with a civil aviation authority to understand how the regulation is managing operations executed by highly autonomous drones. Finally, it is important that the workshop is promoted by the Aerial Robotics TG and its content and conclusions will be disseminated to all their members.

Intended Outcome: Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc, Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Workshop covering material new to ERF that the Robotics community should engage with

Approach: 00:00-00:05 Introduction by the moderator (Antidio Viguria –CATEC) of the challenges of highly autonomous aerial robots 00:05-00:15 AESA (Roberto Gandara) will explain the latest updates in terms of drone regulation with respect to autonomy and UAS 00:15-00:25 Skydio (Davide Falanga) will present their latest research in autonomous aerial robots 00:25-00:35 Airbus (Miguel Angel Vilaplana) will present current Airbus projects related to UAS and autonomy 00:35-00:45 NTNU (Martin Jacquet) will present their latest research in autonomous aerial robots 00:45-00:55 TECNALIA (Joseba Lasa) will present their innovation results related with autonomy and aerial mobility 00:55-01:20 Round table, moderated by Anibal Ollero (USE) with all the speakers about the use of highly autonomous aerial robots (including questions from the audience).

Contributors: In this workshop we count with 4 confirmed speakers (one from industry, one technological center, one university and one civil aviation authority): Davide Falanga (Skydio) Joseba Lasa (Tecnalia) Martin Jacquet (NTNU) Roberto Gandara (AESA- Spanish CAA)