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AI and Robotics I

Learning-based ground vehicle navigation in outdoor unstructured environments
S. Palazzo, D. C. Guastella, G. Vecchio, R. E. Sarpietro, G. Sutera, F. Cancelliere, G. Muscato, C. Spampinato

University of Catania – Department of Electrical Electronic and Computer Engineering, Catania (ITALY)

Enhancing robotic demonstration-based learning method with preliminary visual target localization
F. Rosa, P. Foggia, M. Vento

University of Salerno – Department of Information Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics (DIEM), Fisciano (ITALY)

Towards Robotic 3D Surface Processing with Global Local Neural Region Descriptor Fields
A. Pratheepkumar (1), M. Ikeda (1), A. Pichler (1), M. Vincze (2)

(1) Profactor Gmbh, Robotics and Automation Systems, Steyr-Gleink (AUSTRIA)
(2) TU Wien, ACIN, Vision for Robotics Laboratory, Vienna (AUSTRIA)

Enabling Cognitive Robotics through Autonomous Motion Planning and Model-Driven Intuitive Programming
S. Panicucci (1), A. Venezia (1), I. Romata (1), G. Nicola (2), R. Fausti (2), M. Nitti (2), A. Liso (2), V. Reno’ (2), N. Pedrocchi (2), M. Beschi (2, 3)

(1) Comau S.p.A., Grugliasco (ITALY)
(2) National Research Council of Italy, Rome (ITALY)
(3) University of Brescia, Brescia (ITALY)

Acroba-Gym: A Unity-based ROS compliant simulator for robotics
M. Ojer (1), X. Lin (1), I. Mendizabal-Arrieta (1), A. Tammaro (2)

(1) Vicomtech Foundation, Industry Department, Donostia (SPAIN)
(2) Freelance, Rome (ITALY)

Exploitation of Similarities in Point Clouds for Simplified Robot Programming by Demonstration
P. Möhl, M. Ikeda, M. Hofmann, A. Pichler

Profactor GmbH, Robotics and Automation Systems, Steyr-Gleink (AUSTRIA)

Intuitive Cobot Programming for Small Medium Enterprises
N. Lucci (1), E. Montini (1,2), I. Zappa (1), A. M. Zanchettin (1), P. Rocco (1)

(1) Politecnico di Milano, Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria, Milan (ITALY)
(2) University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, Lugano (SWITZERLAND)

Real-time 3D Reconstruction Adapted for Robotic Applications in
Construction Sites
D. Katsatos (1), D. Alexiou (1), T. Kontodina (1), I. Kostavelis (1,2), D. Giakoumis (1), D. Tzovaras (1)

(1) Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Information Technologies Institute, Thessaloniki (GREECE) (2) International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki (GREECE)

Interactive Poster Session