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AI and Robotics II

An intelligent robotic platform for fruit selective harvesting 
C. Lauretti (1), C. Tamantini (1), A. Zompanti (2), S. Cimini (3), L. De Gara (3), M. Santonico (2), L. Zollo (1)

(1) Unit of Advanced Robotics and Human-Centred Technologies, Campus Bio-medico University of Rome, Rome (ITALY)
(2) Unit of Electronics for Sensor Systems, Campus Bio-medico University of Rome, Rome (ITALY)
(3) Unit of Food Science and Nutrition, Campus Bio-medico University of Rome, Rome (ITALY)

AI-Enabled Disaster Response Planning for Multi-Robot and Autonomous Systems via Task Scheduling and Path-Finding
M. Lanzarini, L. Marconi

Alma Mater – University of Bologna, Bologna (ITALY)

Road pavement inspection with UAVs beyond visual line of sight in long-range operations
J. Curado-Soriano, F. Pérez-Grau, A. Viguria

CATEC, Seville (SPAIN)

SandRo, a Robot for Beach Waste Cleanup
F. Cancelliere, L. Reitano, D. C. Guastella, G. Sutera, C. Spampinato, G. Muscato

University of Catania, Catania (ITALY)

Domain-Specific Finetuning of Large Language Models for Interactive Robot Programming
B. Alt (1), U. Keßner (1,2), A. Taranovic (2), D. Katic (1), A. Hermann (1), R. Jäkel (1), G. Neumann (2)

(1) ArtiMinds Robotics, Karlsruhe (GERMANY)
(2) Karlsruhe Institute of Technology -Autonomous Learning Robots Lab, Karlsruhe (GERMANY)

Exploiting roadside sensor data for vehicle manoeuvring assistance
F. Princiotto (1), E. Bonetto (1), G. Gavilanes (1), M. Minotti (1), D. Brevi (1), C. Pastrone (1), F. Gatti (2), E. Chiocchetti (2)

(1) LINKS Foundation, Turin (ITALY)
(2) TIM S.p.A. Service Innovation division, Turin (ITALY)

Interactive Poster Session