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Autonomous Swarm for Infra Construction

Track: Specific operating environments

Date and Time: 13 Mar 2024 08:00-09:20

Organisers: Rauno Heikkilä, Antti Kolu, Heikki Keränen, Mika Jaakkola

Main questions to be answered: What is the difference between the automation of a single work machine and a swarm of work machines?

Additional questions: What is needed to form a swarm?

Additional questions 2: How can automation improve the operation of the work machine and the swarm?

Workshop Description: While the automatic control systems of work machines have developed to a higher and higher level, research has been started on the automation of the control of work machine swarms. In swarm automation, different work machines cooperate with each other automatically. In the workshop, ongoing research projects, especially in Finland and Japan, will be presented, as well as examples of working swarm control systems, videos of conducted experiments and also from real work sites will be shown. Participants in the workshop can jointly evaluate the development and utilization opportunities and challenges of swarm automation.

Intended Outcome: Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Novel format (e.g. interactive matchmaking session for technologies and applications), Workshop covering material new to ERF that the Robotics community should engage with, Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc

Approach: An exciting opening presentation, including a video of the swarm control used at the infrastructure construction site, where human people still drive the machines. Introduction to swarm control automation and examples of various parts of swarm automation under development: 1) wireless communication networks, 2) autonomous control of different types of road construction machines, 3) automatic drone swarms, 4) autonomous swarm control. Deeper parts of swarm automation that are under international research. An interactive part, where participants in the workshop can evaluate the development and utilization challenges of swarm automation in their own industrial area.

Contributors: Antti Kolu, R&D Manager, Novatron, Invited. Heikki Keränen, R&D Manager, Satel, Invited, Mika Jaakkola, R&D Manager, Destia, Invited. Keiji Nagatani, Professor, University of Tokyo, Invited. Takeshi Hashimoto, Dr., Public Works Research Institute, Invited.