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Circular Production & Remanufacturing for Sustainable Industries

Track: Sustainability

Date and Time: 14 Mar 2023 14:30-15:50, room Lavatoio

Organisers: Gabriele Marchello, George Michalos, Anastasia Garmpi, Sotiris Makris

Main questions to be answered – Q1: What are the enablers for trust in collaborative circular manufacturing cases? What are the robotic and AI challenges for circularity?

Main questions to be answered – Q2: Why remanufacturing only in the last years and which (technological and/or economical) barriers have prevented its development before?

Main questions to be answered – Q3: What are the main barriers and what are the future trends in reaching the vision of European Green Transition and industrial sustainability?

Workshop Description: In today’s economies, circularity is imperative for sustainable growth. Data-driven collaborative production models serve as the backbone for this transformation. However, the essence lies in understanding that ‘change’ triggers the reconfiguration of production models, driven by actors themselves. Viewing products as resources undergoing multiple transformations throughout their lifecycle, manufacturing SMEs emerge as service providers orchestrating these transformations. Drawing parallels from the ICT world’s micro-services architecture, efficient management schemes can be enforced over ecosystems of services, ensuring seamless interactions while preserving individual service integrity. This workshop explores the fusion of circular production methodologies looking at a a variety of R-strategies but taking also a special focus on remanufacturing, powered by robotics, AI, and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), to tackle global challenges such as material shortages and climate change. By examining diverse industries, from sports equipment to industrial robots and electric motors, we uncover how streamlined production, waste reduction, and enhanced efficiency can benefit both businesses and the environment. Experts from research and industrial sectors will present insights into the potential of R-strategies for cross-industry adoption and will discuss the upcoming challenges to broader adoption.

Intended Outcome: Workshop covering material new to ERF that the Robotics community should engage with, Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc, Workshop expected to create a roadmap or white paper, Novel format (e.g. interactive matchmaking session for technologies and applications)

Approach: 80min-long workshop The attendees will be involved in the discussion starting from the aforementioned statements and questions that lead the audience to realise much more perspectives than currently expected and/or known. In order to stimulate the discussion about the focus of the workshop, an online interactive system will be employed: – Mindmap(s), (virtual) sticky notes or similar – Poll(s) to get a quick feedback – Expert panel discussion(s) – Feedback round(s) with attendees as Mentimeter (see below), so the people can work collectively while the presentations happen and that materials collected will be exploited for the final discussion. Members of the audience will access the platform, where they will have the opportunity to answer questions about soft materials manipulation. The results will be displayed as histograms, giving the audience the opportunity to discuss them. Moreover, the audience will have the chance to leave free comments, which will be processed by creating a word cloud. It will highlight the hottest themes that the audience may discuss. Both tools are available online at the following websites: Finally, the presentations and related discussion will bring new ideas (some ones that are the state of art, while some other ones coming in the next few years), which will help the attendees to broad their vision/knowledge about the soft material manipulation trend. 15min WS introduction: – 1min general intro – 7min Circular value chains (Anastasia Garbi, European Dynamics) – 7min why remanufacturing 10min circularity and analysis of circular value chain – George Nikolakopoulos Robotics role in Circular manufacturing, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden 20min advancements in research and industries – Tecnalia – LMS – Campetella – Decathlon 35min interactive moderated panel discussion and conclusions: – Savvas Loizou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus – Andrea Bettoni – Tecnalia – LMS – Campetella Conclusions

Contributors: 1. Gabriele Marchello, Postdoctoral Researcher, Italian Institute of Technology, confirmed, Presenter and Discussant 2. Anastasia Garmpi, Head of R&D, European Dynamics Luxembourg SA, confirmed, Presenter and Presenter 3. George Michalos, Project Manager, Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS)/MEA, Confirmed, Presenter and Discussant 4. Christophe Leroux, Manager European Affairs in AI and robotics, CEA, invited, Presenter and Discussant 5. Ferdinando Cannella, Industrial Facility Coordinator, Italian Institute of Technology, confirmed, Presenter and Discussant 6. Savvas Loizou, Professor, Cyprus University of Technology, confirmed, Discussant 7. Mikkel Labori Olsen, Consultant – Robotics, TEKNOLOGISK INSTITUT, Confirmed, Discussant 8. Germano Veiga, Centre Coordinator, INESC TEC – INSTITUTO DE ENGENHARIADE SISTEMAS E COMPUTADORES, TECNOLOGIA E CIENCIA, confirmed, Discussant 9. Alfio Minissale, EU Project Manager, Comau SPA, Confirmed, Discussant 10. Pierpaolo Rotondi, technical director, Decathlon, Confirmed, Presenter and Discussant 11. Elia Campetella, CEO, Campetella Robotic Center s.r.l., Confirmed, Presenter and Discussant 12. Andreas Muller, Professor, Johannes Kepler University, Invited, Presenter and Discussant 13. Giorgos Nikolakopoulos, Professor, Lulea University of Technology, confirmed, Presenter and Discussant 14. Jon Onativia Bravo, Head of Flexible Manufacturing Robotics / Industry and Mobility, Tecnalia, Confirmed, Discussant 15. Emanuele Frontoni, Professor, University of Macerata, Confirmed, Presenter and Discussant 16. Alberto Landini, Project Manager, STAM s.r.l., Confirmed, Discussant

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