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Community design guidelines, frameworks, standards, which way ahead?

Track: Regulation and Standardisation

Date and Time: 13 Mar 2024 16:40-18:00

Organisers: Paolo Barattini, Tamas Haidegger, Herman Bruyninckx

Main questions to be answered: What is the future of robotics software engineering, design, integration frameworks=

Additional questions: What emerging trends to improve robotics frameworks, software engineering, selfadaptability to sundry platform, modularity etc ?

Additional questions 2: Do we still need ROS? which alternatives?

Workshop Description: The workshop calls for open discussion on trends and way ahead to go beyond shortcomings of current frameworks and standards for software engineering, integration, modularity self adaptability, realtime capacity and similar fundamental aspects. Bottom up, community based design guidelines, and standards are some of the alternative approaches that are going to be explored. Current practices by differnt actors, such as corporate, SMEs, research institutions will be object and discussion, sa well as their requirements needs and expectances.

Intended Outcome: Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc, Workshop covering material new to ERF that the Robotics community should engage with, Workshop expected to create a roadmap or white paper, Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications

Approach: 80 minutes slot 20 minutes presentations 50 minutes open discussion 10 minutes wrap and planning a position paper

Contributors: Paolo Barattini: introduction Prof Herman Bruyninckx: Bottom up -Community shared design guidelines in robotics Prof Tamas Haidegger: Top down – Ontologies and standards