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Cooperative Autonomous Mobile Robots in Research and Industry

11:40 – 11:44   
Differential games for distributed coordination of multi-agent systems
Domenico Cappello, Fabrizio Schiano

11:44 – 11:48
Replanning for global trajectory generation of UAVs in unknown environments
Leonardo Zacchini, Fabrizio Schiano

11:48 – 11:52
Toward a distribuited Perception-aware Lyapunov-based MPC
Olga Napolitano, Nicola De Carli, Paolo Robuffo Giordano, Lucia Pallottino and Paolo Salaris

11:52 – 11:56
Learning Collaboration in Heterogeneous Multi-Robot Systems
Valeria Sarno, Giorgio Grioli and Lucia Pallottino

11:56 – 12:00
A Unity-ROS 2 simulator for fleet management in smart warehouses
Lorenzo Pichierri, Lorenzo Sforni, Andrea Testa and Giuseppe Notarstefano

12:00 – 12:04
Containerized toolboxes for cooperative mobile robotics in research and industry
Lorenzo Pichierri, Lorenzo Sforni

Interactive Poster Session

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