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Cooperative Autonomous Mobile Robots in Research and Industry

Track: Agile Production

Date and Time: 15 Mar 2024 08:30-09:50

Organisers: Giuseppe Notarstefano, Andrea Testa, Lorenzo Pichierri, Lorenzo Sforni

Main questions to be answered: How can cooperative autonomous mobile robots impact in industrial processes?

Additional questions: How can new toolboxes for distributed autonomous mobile robots support industrial robotics?

Additional questions 2: How can research advancement on control and AI for autonomous robots turn into industrial solutions?

Workshop Description: Material handling is a key step in several industrial manufacturing processes both in production and logistics. The introduction of multiple Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) aims at enhancing flexibility with respect to standard rigid production lines and vehicle fleets. Moreover, cooperation among robots based on distributed computing combined with new control, optimization and AI approaches, represents a new frontier to advance the AMR capabilities. This workshop will show recent advancements in research methods and toolboxes on cooperative autonomous mobile robots and link them to state of the art scenarios in industrial applications. The goal of the workshop is to promote interaction between researchers in mobile robotics and technology providers in the area of AMRs to identify potential solution approaches for open challenges. By connecting a diverse set of stake holders, the workshop will suggest novel directions, e.g., based on distributed computing, to generalise current toolboxes and technologies.

Intended Outcome: Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc, Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Workshops engaging non-roboticists to understand needs/goals (policy, commercial, technical)

Approach: The workshop will be organised in three main moments. After a short introduction of the organisers recent contribution on recent toolboxes and research approaches on cooperative mobile robotics will be presented. Then 2-3 experts from companies using multi-robot technologies will provide industrial scenarios for cooperative mobile robotics. An interactive discussion will follow in which panel experts (on technical solutions and on innovation and entrepreneurship) and interested audience will discuss application of advanced technological solutions to industrial challenges.