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Fostering Socially Acceptable Robotics and Extended Reality (XR)

14:30 – 14:34   
Seamless Human-Robot Interaction through a Distributed Zero-Trust Architecture and Advanced User Interfaces
Alessandro Peretti, Matteo Mazzola, Luca Capra, Marco Piazzola and Cristiano Carlevaro

14:34 – 14:38  
Follow me: an architecture for user identification and social navigation with a mobile robot
Andrea Ruo, Lorenzo Sabattini and Valeria Villani

14:38 – 14:42   
Detecting ErrPs signals in HRI tasks
Alessandra Fava, Adriana Lucchese, Roberto Meattini, Gianluca Palli, Valeria Villlani and Lorenzo Sabattini

14:42 – 14:46 
Towards Mixed Reality Applications to Support Active and Lively Ageing
Marta Gabbi, Valeria Villani and Lorenzo Sabattini

14:46 – 14:50
A Mixed Reality Interface for Human-Swarm Interaction
Mattia Catellani, Flavia Nironi and Lorenzo Sabattini

14:50 – 14:54   
CBF-Based STL Motion Planning for Social Navigation in Crowded Environment
Andrea Ruo, Lorenzo Sabattini and Valeria Villani

14:54 – 14:58   
Multimodal Analysis of User Engagement with a Recommender Robot in Cafe Settings
Yujin Li, Nguyen Tan Viet Tuyen and Oya Celiktutan

14:58 – 15:02  
Key Factors for Social Acceptance of Robots in the Industrial and Service Oriented Human-Robot Interaction Domains
Silvia Proia, Graziana Cavone, Raffaele Carli and Mariagrazia Dotoli

15:02 – 15:50   
Interactive Poster Session