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Getting ready for the AI Act (and other emerging European regulation)

Track: ELSE

Date and Time: 14 Mar 2023 14:30-15:50

Organisers: Andrea Bertolini, José Saenz, Gabriel Gonzalez-Castane

Main questions to be answered: How will European emerging regulation in the field of robotics and AI impact research, business and innovation in this domain?

Additional questions: How can we gain an overall understanding of thie emerging regulation?

Additional questions 2: What can the project RegulAIte contribute?

Workshop Description: The workshop aims at providing a birds-eye view of the emerging european regulation on robotics and AI (primarily but not solely the AI Act). It intends to provide an overall understanding of the concerns all those researching and intending to develop robotics and AI-based technologies will have to comply with in the different stages. It will introduce the courses and other materials developed within the Erasmus + Project RegulAIte (funded by the European Commission) primarily catered to engineers – both academics and professionals – managers and business-users and developers of robotics and AI-based products, available for free thorugh the project’s platform, and their modular approach. Contents include: (i) product certification and standardization, (ii) civil liability, insurance, risk management, (iii) intellectual property and protection of innovation, (iv) privacy and (v) data access and management, (vi) ethical assessment of technology.

Intended Outcome: Workshop covering material new to ERF that the Robotics community should engage with, Information about community involvement and services offered (e.g. DIHs, open calls, platforms, …), Workshop on recent developments in technology and its regulation at European Level

Approach: A first part of the workshop will have an introductory nature. A brief presentation by the organizer will describe the overall regulatory framework, in particular the AI Act and the other pieces of legislation that are deemed to be approved around the date of the ERF. A brief panel of experts will present the different topics covered, trying to point out potential concerns researchers and businesses aiming at developing and/or using AI-based applications will have to tackle. The debate will be problem-focussed and will attempt to identify a multiplicity of real life scenarios where those concerns will emerge. This part of the event will elicit the discussion and the participation of the people in the workshop. The courses and materials prepared by the project RegulAIte, as well as its platform, made available for free to anyone who is interested, will be presented. Live-pooling tools will be used to monitor the interest of the audience for the different topics/videos available.

Contributors: Andrea Bertolini – Professor of Law – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (confirmed) Jose Saenz – Engineer – Fraunhofer (confirmed) Nicoleta Cherciu – Lawyer/Consultant (confirmed) Luke McDonagh – Professor of Law – London School of Economics (confirmed) DIRETTORE KM ROSSO (to be confirmed) Tatjana Evas – European Commission (to be confirmed)

Further Information: