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Harnessing Human-Centricity in Robotics Solutions for (E)DIHs and SMEs

Track: B2B and Innovation

Date and Time: 14 Mar 2023 11:40-13:00

Organisers: Antonio Montalvo, Francisco Meléndez

Main questions to be answered: Opportunities and challenges associated with the realization of industrial human-robot collaboration into SME shop floor processes

Additional questions: Major challenges and current best practices to help make human-centric robot solutions a success

Additional questions 2: End-user insights: testimonies, success stories and emerging challenges in the digital transformation roadmap

Workshop Description: Europe has embraced Industry 4.0 for years, focusing on AI, data and robotics to enhance industrial efficiency. However, a growing segment of society is becoming skeptical and even resistant to this technology-driven transformation. The “smart industry” often appears to prioritize the traditional winner-takes-all model over urgent environmental and societal concerns. The EC acknowledges a need for change and aims to accelerate a shift towards the emerging Industry 5.0 paradigm. The primary goal is to establish human-centricity and environmental sustainability as fundamental drivers of industrial transformation. In this context, the EC is offering substantial funding opportunities to conduct innovation experiments which demonstrate how AI, data and robotics complement human capabilities rather than replace them. This workshop specifically focuses on the role of a funding mechanism commonly used in Horizon Europe projects to distribute funds, known as Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP). The aim is to gather pertinent best practices and lessons learned from several EU-funded projects -such as L4MS, DIH2 and Better Factory- that can effectively assist FSTP beneficiaries in aligning with EC objectives while delivering tangible value to their organizations. FundingBox and the Fiware Foundation will draw upon their extensive experience in managing and technically coordinating FSTP programs to organize and lead an interactive workshop. In a panel session moderated by FundingBox, host panelists will represent the perspectives of End-users, Technology Providers and (E)DIHs that have participated in FSTP programs led by the organizers. Panelists will be accompanied in the panel by the Fiware Foundation and In4Art as human-centric technology experts. The audience will have the chance to participate through a Slido session. The lessons learned from previous EU-funded projects and the outcomes of this interactive workshop will pave the way to improve the challenges definition, eligibility criteria and selection process in upcoming EU funding opportunities from recently started human-centric robotics projects such as TALOS, COROB and ARISE. These three opportunities -in the form of open calls- will be presented and disseminated during the workshop and through a stand for this purpose in the ERF premises.

Intended Outcome: Information about community involvement and services offered (e.g. DIHs, open calls, platforms, …), How to harness transition to Industry 5.0 by improving FSTP mechanisms

Approach: The proposed workshop will last 80′ distributed according to the following agenda: 5’ Introduction (Organisers: FundingBox, Fiware Foundation) – Welcome – Presenting the agenda – Introducing… … Speaker/Contributor 1) Antonio Montalvo (FundingBox, FSTP Management expert) … Contributors/Panelists 2) Francisco Meléndez (Fiware Foundation, HRI technology expert) 3) Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet (In4ART, art-driven and human-centric technology expert) … Panel moderator 4) Mayte Carracedo (FundingBox, (E)DIH expert) … Panelists 5) Bianca Muntean (Transylvania DIH, EDIH, Open Call beneficiary) 6) Ignacio Secades (Canonical Robots, Technology Provider, Open Call beneficiary) 7) Francesca Canale (STEM on behalf of SeacSub, End-user, Open Call beneficiary) – Introducing the session 15’ Presentation of WS objectives (FundingBox/Fiware Foundation/In4ART) – Motivation: Large number of projects and budget from EC to fund experiments around AI, data, and robotics (FSTP). Specific introduction to funding opportunities in new robotics projects such as TALOS, COROB and ARISE. – Challenge: It is hard to design and carry out a really good FSTP Program (e.g., call for applications and selection process) * Examples from finished open calls processes: L4MS, DIH2 (finished projects), BETTER FACTORY (project in progress). – Current Context: * We have learned from previous FTSP programs targeting the realization of Industry 4.0 * Robotics in the context of Industry 5.0: + Two main drivers Human-centricity and Eco-Sustainability + Our focus is on Human-centricity aspects around the use of robots -Objective: We want to learn from the actual stakeholders to improve FSTP programs in new robotics projects such as TALOS; COROB and ARISE. + What could be nowadays a meaningful and potentially successful context to carry out an industrial human-robot collaboration project for an SME? (Role: End-user, Technology Provider, (E)DIH) * Per company size? * Per industrial sector? * Per process/task? * Per technology challenge? * Per geography? * Per other criteria? + Which and how to apply the most convenient criteria for upcoming open calls in robotics (TALOS, COROB, ARISE)? 55’ Panel discussion Moderation: Mayte Carracedo (FundingBox) Panelists: Bianca Muntean (EDIH), Ignacio Secades (Technology Provider), Francesco Gambino (End-user), Francisco Melendez (HRI technology expert), Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet (Art-driven technology expert) – 1’ Intro to the panel discussion and its structure (FundingBox) – 7’ Question 1: (Technology Provider has the prominent role) Opportunities and challenges associated with the realization of industrial human-robot collaboration into SME processes (Delves a bit more into the objectives and lessons learnt) Then, discussion with End-user and technology experts – 7’ Question 2: (Robotics EDIH has the prominent role) Major challenges and current best practices to help make human-centric robot solutions a success Then, discussion with End-user, Technology Provider and technology experts – 15’ Question 3: (End-user has the prominent role) End-user insights: testimonies, success stories, and emerging challenges in the digital transformation roadmap Then, discussion with EDIH, technology experts and Technology Provider – 20’ Slido to learn about the thoughts of the audience and share insights with speakers and panelists – 5’ Final comments from panelists 5’ Conclusions and wrap up of the session (FundingBox) – Main takeaways – Information on how to apply to in TALOS, COROB and ARISE open calls and invitation to our stand – Thank you note

Contributors: 1) Antonio Montalvo, Robotics cluster lead, FundingBox Accelerator, confirmed, Organiser, speaker and contributor. (FSTP Management expert) 2) Mayte Carracedo, Partner/Chief Ecosystems and Impact Officer, FundingBox Accelerator, confirmed, panel moderator. ((E)DIH expert) 3) Francisco Meléndez, Robotics Department lead, Fiware Foundation, confirmed, Organiser, contributor and panelist. (Competence center expert in Human-robotic interaction) 4) Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet, CEO, In4ART, confirmed, contributor and panelist. (expert in art-driven & human-centric technology) 5) Bianca Muntean, Coordinator, Transylvania DIH, confirmed, panelist. (EDIH) 6) Ignacio Secades, CEO, Canonical Robots, confirmed, panelist. (Technology Provider) 7) Francesca Canale, After Sales Manager, STEM on behalf of SeacSub S.p.A., confirmed, panelist. (End-user)

Further Information: Websites links to recently started projects such as TALOS, COROB and ARISE can be provided when available upon request.