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HRC and AI, Hype or reality? From pilots to best practices

08:30 – 08:34   
On the development of programming by demonstration environment for Human-Robot Collaboration in a furniture painting cell
Joan Lario, Francisco Fraile, Emima Ioana, and Francisco Blanes

08:34 – 08:38   
Ensuring Trustworthiness of Hybrid AI-based Robotics Systems
Alexander Eguia, Nuria Quintano, Irina Marsh, Michel Barreteau, Jakub Główka, and Agnieszka Sprońska

08:38 – 08:42
AI-based positioning on a micro scale
Tomasz Kołcon, Iveta Eimontaite, Piotr Gemza, Krystian Goławski, Miron Kołodziejczyk, Adam Wołoszczuk

08:42 – 08:46 
Human Motion Prediction Metrics: from Time to Frequency
Michael Vanuzzo, Marco Casarin, Mattia Guidolin, Stefano Michieletto, and Monica Reggiani

08:46 – 08:50  
Towards More Effective Human-Robot Collaboration via Accurate Pose Estimation
Miguel A. Mateo-Casal, Laura Moya-Ruiz, Davide Boscaini, Andrea Caraffa, Paul Chippendale, Fabio Poiesi, Francisco Fraile

08:50 – 08:54
A Concise Taxonomy of Human-Robot Interactions and Soft Skills Synergy
Wael M. Mohammed, Angela Lago Alvarez, and Jose L. Martinez Lastra

08:54 – 08:58   
Advancing human-robot collaboration by robust speech recognition in smart manufacturing
Oliver Avram, Corrado Fasana, Stefano Baraldo, and Anna Valente

08:58 – 09:02   
Human-Robot Collaboration in the Industry 5.0 Era: the Aerospace Perspective
José Ramon Vilanova, Rafael Luque, Paloma Vega, and Eduardo Ferrera

09:02 – 09:06  
Hybrid robotic control for flexible element disassembly
Benjamin Tapia Sal Paz, Gorka Sorrosal, and Aitziber Mancisidor

09:06 – 09:50   
Interactive Poster Session