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Mobile Manipulation, challenges and opportunities for the community

Track: Maintenance-Inspection

Date and Time: 15 Mar 2024 11:40-13:00

Organisers: Marco Rosa, Javier Alonso Mora

Main questions to be answered: What’s today’s status of the European mobile manipulation market and how can Europe leverage its expertise?

Additional questions: What are the use cases we did not think about yet? Share expertise, success stories, improve synergies across EU funded projects

Additional questions 2: What is the current readiness level and what are the KPIs adapted per application area we should be using to address present and future challenges in the field of mobile manipulation?

Workshop Description: Having gained importance in various applications, from healthcare to agriculture, from logistics to manufacturing, Mobile Manipulation (MM) is nowadays an essential field within robotics. It requires the combination of both mobility and manipulation skills, and its versatility allows multiple uses across different and strategic applications deemed essential for the EU. This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of MM status today, the market successes and setbacks in the last ten years, the impact the covid pandemic had on its growth prospects, and the challenges it faces on perception, dynamics, object manipulation and HRI. Furthermore, a cluster of new, on-going, and recently concluded Horizon projects in the field of MM are invited to provide their insights and strategic recommendations: namely the projects MANiBOT, HARMONY, AGIMUS, PILLAR, INTERACT, Aerial-CORE and euRobin.

Intended Outcome: Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc

Approach: 80 minute slot Agenda Welcome & Introduction New and on-going projects clustered under MM (5mins * 7 presentations = 35/40mins) Open-ended Q&A, panel session and interactive activity with the audience (40/45mins): Mobile Manipulation: expectations and reality The new market trends in the field of Mobile Manipulation Room setting 1 mic for the audience 1/2 additional mics for the panelists Room setting: panel setting with up to 8 chairs facing the audience

Contributors: Marco Rosa (PAL Robotics) Confirmed / Co-chair Javier Alonso Mora (TUDelft) Confirmed / Panel Chair Georgia Chalvatzaki (TU Darmstadt) Confirmed Stephane Doncieux (Sorbonne University) Confirmed Lionel Ott (ETHZ) Confirmed Antonio Franchi (University of Twente) Confirmed Richard Duro (Universitat a Coruna) Confirmed Francesco Ferro (PAL Robotics) Confirmed / Panelist Vieri Giuliano Santucci (CNR) Confirmed / Panelist Jonas Larson (ABB) Confirmed / Panelist Paulo Alvito (IDMind) Confirmed / Panelist