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Navigating the Unknown

Track: Specific operating environments

Date and Time: 15 Mar 2024 11:40-13:00

Organisers: Abeje Mersha, Kostas Alexis

Main questions to be answered: How can we see through visually degraded hazardous (terrestrial, underwater, space ) environments for accurate and robust localization?,

Additional questions: How can we create consistent and accurate 3D mapping of unknown environments in the presence of non uniform aerial particles using multimodal sensor fusion frameworks?,

Additional questions 2: How can we develop robust and realtime scene understanding in visual degraded environments ?

Workshop Description: Operating in hazardous environments without adequate situational awareness presents substantial challenges for both humans and robots. The foundation of informed decision-making, and the safe and efficient execution of tasks in applications like search and rescue, disaster response, and underground/space exploration relies heavily on robust and reliable perception capabilities. This workshop aims at discussing the current challenges and opportunities related to the state-of-the-art technologies aimed at enhancing situational awareness in visually-degraded and GNSS-denied hazardous environments. Topics of focus include the advancements in robust localization, precise navigation, coherent 3D-mapping, comprehensive scene understanding, and the enhancement of human-robot interfaces.

Intended Outcome: Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Novel format (e.g. interactive matchmaking session for technologies and applications)

Approach: 00-05 Introduction by workshop organizers about the focus of the workshop and the program. Brief introduction on the societal challenges in emergency and disaster response, and the potentials of Robot and AI technologies and their limitation. 05-53 Short presentations and Q&A from young experts in the field of advanced perception in various environments (terrestrial, underwater and space) – Daniel Leinder (DLR, Germany) – Benjamin van Manen (Saxion, Netherlands) – Roberto Galeazzi (DTU, Denmark) – Kostas Alexis (NTNU, Norway) 53-75 Panel discussion – on advances in robotics and AI for situational awareness – the challenges and limitations of current technologies, – societal trends that influence and even dictate the direction of technology developments – Possible new project ideas 75-80 Wrap and closing remarks by the organizers.

Contributors: – Daniel Leinder (DLR, Germany) (confirmed) – Benjamin van Manen (Saxion, Netherlands) (confirmed) – Roberto Galeazzi (DTU, Denmark)(confirmed) – Kostas Alexis (NTNU, Norway)(confirmed)