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Robotics & AI in the Agrifood sector

Track: Agri-Food

Date and Time: 13 Mar 2024 08:00-09:20

Organisers: Sarah Terreri, Francesco Ferro

Main questions to be answered: What do robots need to improve both productivity and working conditions for farmers and workers?,

Additional questions: Do we need to introduce some standards in the agri-food sector for a faster integration of robotics & AI?,

Additional questions 2: Which potential capabilities are needed in robotics & AI to grow on a large scale in the agrifood sector?

Workshop Description: World population is growing, more technologies and service robotics are needed in the agri-food industry to tackle the increasing food demand and to improve the food production, processing and the environmental protection. E.g. Some of the work done in agriculture is very slow, repetitive and tiring. The use of robots overcome the labour shortage in the sector and allow the farmers to focus on improving production yields facing the increased costs of doing business. There is the potential to aid on a much larger scale. In this workshop we aim to look at the potential for robotics and AI to transform agrifood, the advantages and the challenges. Here we will bring together experts in robotics and agrifood, this will include participants in the EU projects CANOPIES, FLEXIGROBOTS, ROBS4CROPS and SOFTGRIP. An insight from the agrifood robotics DIH Network agROBOfood is also scheduled. Besides this, a panel discussion with all the speakers will also be organised.

Intended Outcome: Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc

Approach: 80 minutes slot. Agenda: Welcome and introduction Robotics research Presentations- Robotics and AI in Precision Agriculture Robotics Companies Presentations – Robotics, AI and Autonomous Systems for the agrifood sector DIH Network – An overview from agROBOfood Robotics research Presentations – FLEXIGROBOTS EU project Robotics Companies Presentations – Robotic application in agrifood and ROBS4CROPS EU project (tentative) Robotics Companies Presentations – Robotic end-effectors for agrifood application and SOFTGRIP EU project Panel discussion with all the speakers with open-ended questions and interactive activity (30 minutes)

Contributors: Sarah Terreri – PAL Robotics Andrea Gasparri – UniRoma3 (CANOPIES project) Dr George Michalos – LMS (ROBS4CROPS project) Niccolò Pagliarani – Sant’Anna (SOFTGRIP project) Tsampikos Kounalakis – DTI (CANOPIES and agROBOfood projects)