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Robotics & AI: Transforming Sustainable Recycling & Remanufacturing & Sustainable Robots by Design: Going beyond TRLs

14:50 – 14:54   
DemoDatenPro: Methods for semi-automatic disassembly and data acquisition in circular economies
Michael Hofmann, Matthias Propst, Markus Ikeda and Andreas Pichler

14:54 – 14:58   
A Flexible Robotic-based Architecture for Cyber-Physical Sorting Systems in Waste Management IndustryKonstantinos Kokkalis, Fotios K. Konstantinidis, Georgios Tsimiklis and Angelos Amditis

14:58 – 15:02  
Towards Measuring the Ease of Robotic Disassembly
Christoffer Sloth and Iñigo Iturrate

15:02 – 15:06   
Robotic ease of Disassembly Metric (Re-DiM) for flexible cooperative re-manufacturing of bike batteries
Terrin Pulikottil, Wouter Sterkens, Mathijs Piessens and Jef R. Peeters

15:06 – 15:10  
Cognitive and robotic assistance to increase efficiency in Li-ion battery re-manufacturing
Matthias Propst, Michael Hofmann, Markus Ikeda and Andreas Pichler

15:10 – 15:14  
Navigating Sustainability: A Real-world Examination of Life Cycle Assessment in Early-Stage Robotics
Paula Preu and Michel Joop van der Schoor

15:14 – 15:18   
Multi-modal Electronics State Evaluation for Robotic Demanufacturingù
Yifan Wu, Chuangchuang Zhou, Wouter Sterkens and Jef Peeters

15:18 – 15:22   
Portable, Robotic Material Recovery in a Box
Michail Maniadakis, Antonios Liapis, Jef Peeters, Vasilis Makridis, Laurent Paszkiewicz, Fredy Raptopoulos, Javier Grau Forner, Myrto Pelopida, Friederike Kleijn and Nikos Vythoulkas

15:22 – 15:26   
Robot Design with Sustainability-Impact-Based Requirements
Michel Joop van der Schoor

15:26 – 16:10   
Interactive Poster Presentation