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Robotics & AI: Transforming Sustainable Recycling & Remanufacturing

Track: Sustainability

Date and Time: 15 Mar 2024 08:30-09:50

Organisers: Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, Franziska Kirstein, Karol Janik

Main questions to be answered: Unleashing the Potential: What are the existing applications of Robotics and AI in recycling and remanufacturing, and how can Robotics and AI technologies revolutionize and support sustainable recycling and production?

Additional questions: Tackling Challenges: What are the primary challenges that Robotics & AI can address recycling, and remanufacturing and what barriers hinder the adoption of Robotics & AI for sustainable recycling and remanufacturing?

Additional questions 2: Balancing Act: How can the above challenges and barriers be overcome to integrate Robotics & AI into recycling and remanufacturing processes, considering a holistic approach of technical, economic, environmental and social aspects?

Workshop Description: The workshop delves into the cutting-edge intersection of technology, sustainability, and industrial transformation. The industrial landscape is undergoing a profound revolution, where businesses are not only seeking increased productivity but also prioritizing sustainability and adaptability to dynamic supply chain shifts. This transformative shift demands a reevaluation of how materials and resources are utilized and can be recycled, reused, and remanufactured. Traditionally labor-intensive and fraught with challenges, Robotics and AI offer promising solutions to reshape recycling, and remanufacturing processes. This workshop will explore various application areas, including fashion, battery and composite material recycling, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of Robotics and AI in diverse sectors. The presented talks span both technical and business viewpoints, showcasing the holistic approach required to address challenges and seize opportunities in sustainable production. This workshop offers up-to-date with the latest advancements in recycling and remanufacturing, uncovering how Robotics and AI are shaping the future of these industries. Join us at this workshop to be at the forefront of the Robotics and AI revolution in contributing to a more sustainable, efficient, and environmentally conscious industrial landscape. Expected * Trigger information exchange between academia and industry (end users) about the current challenges and possible solutions for sustainable recycling and remanufacturing with application of robotics * Update with the latest advancements in recycling and remanufacturing, particularly in how Robotics and AI are driving change in the context of sustainability and technology integration * A position paper on the results of the workshop and share it, e.g., with the respective topic group/s (TG sustainability). E.g. a white paper Overall, the expected outcome is to inform, inspire, and empower participants to engage with the evolving intersection of technology, sustainability, and industrial transformation, with a focus on Robotics and AI. The workshop aims to equip attendees with knowledge and perspectives that can drive positive change in their professional endeavors and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Intended Outcome: Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications

Approach: 80 Minute Slot 00:00 – 00:03 Opening comments by the organizers (Setting the Expectations) 00:03 – 00:45 5 impulse talks (Academia, End Users) 00:50 – 01:15 Panel discussion (4-6 speakers as panelists) + Discussion with Audience 01:15 – 01:20 Concluding remarks by the organizers (Feedback on Expectations)

Contributors: Five Speakers from Industry and Research: 1. Kat Thiel, Manchester Fashion Institute, UK 2. Gianmarco Griffini, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 3. Fotios Konstantinidis, ICCS, Greece 4. Agata Suwala, MTC, UK, 5. Michael Hofmann, PROFACTOR GmbH, Austria

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