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Robots for All: Supporting SMEs to Adopt Robotics in Manufacturing

Track: Agile Production

Date and Time: 14 Mar 2023 16:30-17:50

Organisers: Mikkel Labori Olsen, Mikkel Olsen

Main questions to be answered: What are the key challenges and barriers for manufacturing SMEs to adopting robotics?

Additional questions: What is the role of RTOs and Academia in addressing these challenges?

Additional questions 2: Are current off-the-shelf robotic solutions fit for purpose for SMEs?

Workshop Description: The manufacturing industry is made up of a breadth of SMEs (small to medium sized businesses). Whilst robotic technologies are being adopted in large manufacturing companies, these SMEs are getting left behind. Without adopting robotics, SMEs are struggling to address efficiency issues, increase productivity and lower their costs, making it difficult to compete in the industry, or grow. This workshop aims to explore the barriers to adoption of robotics in SMEs and how these differ from large businesses. It focusses on what RTOs and Academia can do to help address these barriers and investigate whether current off-the-shelf robotic technologies are fit for purpose for SMEs, identifying key gaps and highlighting routes forward for adoption. This workshop will consist of two keynote presentations and a panel discussion.

Intended Outcome: Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc

Approach: 80 minute slots. 2 x keynote presentations followed by an interactive panel session and q&a from the audience

Contributors: Mikkel Labori Olsen – DTI (Chair, presenter, panellist, confirmed), Nicolai Anton Lynnerup – Universal Robots, Associate Product Manager for PolyScope X (presenter, panellist, confirmed) and Wila, DK SME (presenter, panellist, confirmed)