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Safe adaptation for long term autonomy and human robot interaction

11:40 – 11:44   
Challenges in situation understanding and scene perception
Razane Azrou, Selma Kchir, Raphaël Lallement and Matteo Morelli

11:44 – 11:48   
Modeling Robot Control Architectures for Verification and Monitoring
Stefano Bernagozzi, Angelo Ferrando, Enrico Ghiorzi, Lorenzo Natale, and Armando Tacchella

11:48 – 11:52   
Intuitive Telemanipulation of DLOs Via Vision-Based Shared Control: A Pilot Study
Davide Chiaravalli, Alessio Caporali, Anna Friz, Roberto Meattini and Gianluca Palli

11:52 – 11:56   
Sparse optical sampling in the close proximity of a robotic arm
Martin Laurenzis, Ante Maric, Emmanuel Bacher, Mateusz Pietrzak, Stéphane Schertzer, Francesco Grella, and Sylvain Calinon

11:56 – 12:00   
The CONVINCE Perspective on Task and Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments
Masoumeh Mansouri, Charlie Street, and Yassin Warsame

12:00 – 12:04 
Towards Collaborative Grape Harvesting with a Mobile Manipulator
Edwin Pircher, Giovanni Carabin, Marco Camurri, and Renato Vidoni

12:04 – 12:08  
Reflective Understanding for Dependable Robots Extended abstract
Ricardo Sanz

12:08 – 13:00 
Interactive Poster Session