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Shaping Tomorrow’s Factory: HRC and Agile production

Track: Agile Production

Date and Time: 14 Mar 2023 08:30-09:50

Organisers: Francesca Canale, Andrea Pilloni, Stefano Ghidoni

Main questions to be answered: Which industries are best suited for the adoption of agile manufacturing or human-robot collaborative principles, and what are the key challenges that manufacturers face during this transition?

Additional questions: How can research institutions effectively support industrial partners to accelerate the adoption of human-robot collaborative solutions and overcome the obstacles associated with this transition?

Additional questions 2: What emerging technologies do you believe will have the most significant impact on agile manufacturing in the next decade?

Workshop Description: In a rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the concepts of agile and human-centred manufacturing are gaining attention as a transformative approach to production processes, due to their ability to adapt to the complexities of modern industries. Through presentations and direct experiences of three distinct European projects, this session seeks to address the key technological advancements and innovative practices that are driving the manufacturing processes transformation. The main challenges faced by the manufacturers in the adoption of agile principles, including the use of human robot collaboration and AI technologies, will be described exploiting the results coming from the projects. Throughout the workshop, participants will engage in discussions and knowledge-sharing sessions rich of practical insights to shape tomorrow’s factory within today’s dynamic industrial landscape.

Intended Outcome: Workshop on recent developments in technology or applications, Workshop discussion topics of common interest, success stories, use cases, etc

Approach: 80 min workshop divided as follows: – General introduction to the workshop topics (5 min). – Presentation of the ACROBA project (15 min): the challenges faced by manufacturers as they adapt to agile principles and the opportunities that arise from increased flexibility and responsiveness. – Presentation of the DrapeBot project (15 min): the challenges of the introduction of human-centered automation with a focus on robotics applied to those manufacturing sectors with a low level of automation and characterized by an high usage of manual operations. – Presentation of the Odin project (15 min): the challenges of introducing novel and agile robot-based production systems efficiently at the shopfloor. – Panel discussion (30 min): interactive discussion between one moderator, five speakers coming from industry and research institutions, and the whole audience. The audience will have the possibility to express their opinions and comments through questions and real-time polls.

Contributors: 1. Ms. Francesca Canale ( – Project Engineer, STAM S.r.l., Robotics & Mechatronics Business Area – Confirmed – Speaker 2. Mr. Andrea Pilloni ( – Project Engineer, STAM S.r.l., Robotics & Mechatronics Business Area – Confirmed – Panelist 3. Mr. Norman Urs Baier ( – Professor, Berner Fachhochschule, School of Engineering and Computer Science – Confirmed – Speaker 4. Mr. Alejandro Muñoz Espiago ( – Steripack Ireland Ltd – Confirmed – Speaker 5. Mr. Apostolis Papavasileiou ( – Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS), Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics – Confirmed – Speaker 6. Mr. Christian Eitzinger ( – Profactor GmbH – Confirmed – Speaker 7. Mr. Enrico Villagrossi ( – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), STIIMA – Confirmed – Speaker 8. Mr. Giuseppe Salemi ( – Head of R&D, Dallara – Confirmed – Speaker