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The future of healthcare robotics across Europe

16:30 – 16:34  
A Cognitive Architecture for Socially Assistive Robots
Devis Dal Moro, Magì Dalmau-Moreno, Josep Bravo, Federica Gabriella Cornacchia Loizzo and Daniel Serrano

16:34 – 16:38  
Towards autonomous robotic procedure for ultrasound-guided percutaneous cardiac interventions for mitral valve repair Angela Peloso, Riccardo Munafò, Veronica Ruozzi, Anna Bicchi, Xiu Zhang, Elena De Momi, and Emiliano Votta

16:38 – 16:42  
Comparison between force and ultrasound image-based controllers for autonomous robotic ultrasound acquisition in different tissue types
F.J. Domingo Gil, A.G. de Groot, and F.J. Siepel

16:42 – 16:46  
Integration of Visual SLAM in Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery: Advances, Challenges, and Solutions
Muzammil Khan, Françoise Siepel, and Theo Ruers

16:46 – 17:50  
Interactive Poster Session