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TinyML for Tiny Robots

14:50 – 14:54   
Combining Local and Global Perception for Autonomous Navigation on Nano-UAVs
L. Lamberti, G. Rutishauser, F. Conti, L. Benini

14:54 – 14:58
GAP9Shield: A 150GOPS AI-capable Ultra-low Power Module for Vision and Ranging Applications on Nano-drones
H. Muller, V. Kartsch, L. Benini

14:58 – 15:02  
Fusing Multi-sensor Input with State Information on TinyML Brains for Autonomous Nano-drones
L. Crupi, E. Cereda, D. Palossi

15:02 – 15:06   
Optimized Deployment of Deep Neural Networks for Visual Pose Estimation on Nano-drones
M. Risso, F. Daghero, B. A. Motetti, D. Jahier Pagliari, E. Macii, M. Poncino, A. Burrello

15:06 – 15:10   
Real-time Fully Convolutional Networks for Peer-to-Peer Nano-drone Visual Localization and LED State Estimation
N. Carlotti, M. Nava, A. Giusti

15:10 – 16:10   
Interactive Poster Session