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Topicgroup Software & Systems Engineering in Robotics

Track: Software and Systems

Date and Time: 14 Mar 2023 08:30-09:50

Organisers: Christian Schlegel, Arne Nordmann

Main questions to be answered: Get the TG experts to actively shape and moderate conceptual and technical details of the robotics community

Workshop Description: This workshop of the Topicgroup _Software Engineering, Systems Integration and Systems Engineering_ is a moderated discussion involving all the attendees (from the TG, from related TGs, from application domains, from outside robotics). The relevance of software&systems engineering, software infrastructures, middlewares and tools for robotics and AI is indisputable and there is great awareness. Although the TG resembles experts from academia and industry already, it needs to remain active in shaping and moderating not only a roadmap but also conceptual and technical details of the robotics domain. We invite all interested parties to join the discussion about how the TG can be the place for conceptual and technical discussion and details.

Intended Outcome: No

Approach: None