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Towards Efficient and Portable Robot Learning for Real-World Settings

11:40 – 11:44  
Effect of Optimizer, Initializer, and Architecture of Hypernetworks on Continual Learning from Demonstration
Auddy Sayantan, Bergner Sebastian, Piater Justus, Sayantan Auddy

11:44 – 11:48   
Exploiting Foundation Models for Efficient Labeling of Deformable Linear Objects
Caporali Alessio, Galassi Kevin, Pantano Matteo, Palli Gianluca, Alessio Caporali

11:48 – 11:52   
Approaches for Exploiting Neural Networks for Semi-Supervised Myoelectric Control of Robot Hands
Meattini Roberto, Bernardini Alessandra, Caporali Alessio, Palli Gianluca, Melchiorri Claudio

11:52 – 11:56   
Closing the Sim-to-Real Gap for Dynamics-Static Friction and Inertial Parameters: a Franka Robot case study
Bargellini Davide, Govoni Andrea, Palli Gianluca, Zanella Riccardo, Andrea Govoni

11:56 – 12:00   
Learning Passive Policies
Zanella Riccardo, Califano Federico, Secchi Cristian, Stramigioli Stefano, Riccardo Zanella

12:00 – 12:04   
Sim2Real for RL: Use Case with TIAGo and Isaac Sim/Gym
Jaume Albardaner, Alberto San Miguel, Nestor Garcıa, Magı Dalmau Jaume Albardaner

12:04 – 13:00   
Interactive Poster Session