Talk Title:
Robotic technologies for novel aircraft systems


Autonomous navigation and manipulation are key technologies in robotics which have been developing and optimizing for different applications for decades. An integration of these technologies into flying platforms opens new applications in inspection and maintenance of industrial plants, wind turbines, etc. In the talk we will present the design of flying systems equipped with industrial manipulators and report about the experience in operating of such type of systems. Another key technology in robotics is the design, control and optimization of electrical driving systems. This technology plays an important role for new types of aircraft systems such as solar electric high altitude platforms and novel electric aircraft for personal transportation. We will demonstrate that the design of these types of aircraft is tightly coupled with the design of their electric propulsion systems and the robotic technologies become a part of the overall aircraft design. The practical experience of design and operation of these aircraft will be presented.


Konstantin Kondak was graduated from Technical University of Berlin in 1999. He got his PhD in 2001 from the same university and worked there as robotics researcher till 2009, the last two years – as head of the real-time systems and robotics group. From 2009 till now, he is head of flying robots group at Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics in German Aerospace Center (DLR). In 2012 he, together with two other colleagues, started the company Elektra Solar GmbH for novel electric aircraft systems. Since 2018 he is CEO of this company.